The well-being of our employees and contractors' employees is our utmost priority at Veolia Woda Polska. To this end, we continuously enhance our occupational health and safety system, offering comprehensive and efficient management solutions rooted in audit and improvement programs.

Occupational health & safety in Veolia Group:


is a fundamental right of every one of our employees, as well as our contractors and vendors,

is the highest value and an integral criterion of all operational decisions and business management,

arises from the right attitude and approach of our employees, and the leadership skills of our managers,

is one of the key criteria for selecting our contractors and vendors.

Podstawowe środki ochrony obowiązujące na obiektach:


Wearing a protective helmet with a chin strap (at least a three-point one)


Reviewing the OH&S requirements provided in the relevant instruction manuals, procedures, standards, etc.


Wearing reflective safety clothes


Using protective footwear


Additional protective equipment like ear protectors, protective goggles, and protective clothes may be required during work.