Our mission: To renew the resources of the world

We need to take care of the world we live in. Therefore, our priority is to support and foster the harmonious and sustainable development of cities and industries while protecting our natural environment and counteracting the consequences of climate change.

Resources, such as water or fossil fuels, are finite. Therefore, VEOLIA’S OBJECTIVE IS TO PROTECT AND RENEW THEM. In our operations, we develop and deploy solutions that allow efficient use of resources, thus limiting their consumption and allowing us to provide our services, such as access to drinking water, energy and a clean environment, to more people. The shortages of natural resources have also pushed us to LOOK FOR ALTERNATIVES, such as reclaiming water from sewage or heat from industrial processes.  This allows us to more efficiently manage what resources are available and preserve them for future generations.

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Our goals


Energy transition is our overarching goal.


Decarbonisation of manufacturing: Complete resignation from coal by 2030.


Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions: Complete climate neutrality by 2050.