Sewage sludge management

Our service offering includes sewage sludge management. We help our clients pick optimal technical solutions depending on the origin and composition of sludge and its ultimate management purpose (recycling, recovery, disposal).

Our offering:

  • Sewage sludge collection and management.
  • Operation of sewage sludge management plants.
  • Professional implementation of sewage sludge investment projects, including the public-private partnership formula.


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Reducing the risk related to increasing costs of sludge management.


Reconciling operations with the new legislation on sewage sludge management, which will be put into force in 2026.


Option to invest in sludge management facilities without the client’s financial expenditures, i.e. under the ESCO model.


Access to Veolia Group’s global know-how and the experience of local experts in water & sewage management.


Working with a professional waste management company within the same capital group

Additional service: Total Waste Management (TWM)

Total Waste Management (TWM) is a comprehensive service for managing industrial waste generated as a by-product of manufacturing processes. The objective of TWM is to ensure proper utilisation and management of waste and efficiently recycle it following the principles of circular economy.

Total Waste Management (TWM) includes:

  • Managing all generated waste
  • Preparing waste for collection and collecting
  • Coordinating the logistics and transport
  • Safe and efficient waste management
  • IT system to monitor and optimise the process