Energy efficiency for water & sewage business

We offer energy efficiency services in the field of water intake, treatment and sewage treatment.

Our offering:

  • Comprehensive management of energy streams.
  • Audits and efficient management of electricity r consumption in water and sewage facilities.
  • Increasing the share of energy from renewable sources (produced locally or purchased).
  • Storage of energy and optimising the purchasing profiles.
  • Origination services (balancing production, consumption and purchases of energy).
  • Master control system of the wastewater treatment plant.


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Guaranteed uninterrupted water supply and wastewater collection in accordance with the applicable regulations.


Predictable electricity costs during the tariff period 


Possibility to improve energy efficiency without the Client’s financial expenditures, i.e. under the ESCO model


Possibility to generate non-tariff revenues .


Stable supply of energy regardless of the market conditions. Working with a professional energy and gas trading company within the same capital group


Access to Veolia Group’s global know-how and the experience of local experts in energy efficiency

Additional service: acquiring white certificates (energy efficiency certificates) 

  • White Certificates confirm that the investor has implemented a project resulting in a specific reduction in energy consumption.     
  • The benefit of acquiring white certificates is a financial bonus, i.e., a partial refund of the expenses incurred for energy efficiency improvements.
  • White certificates have property rights and are traded on the Polish Power Exchange (Towarowa Giełda Energii, TGE). The certificates are issued by the President of the Energy 

Regulatory Office (URE). Following the relevant legislation, applications for white certificates should be submitted at the planning stage before commencing the works. Veolia Group is the market leader in the acquisition of white certificates. Over 3,000 entities have already trusted us. We have been helping our clients acquire white certificates since they were introduced.